The whole idea of a online trial campaign started with a simple device called “wrinkle ruler” so that sceptical women can measure the whether anti-aging creams really work or not. In the nationwide advertising campaign, Davina McCall invites consumers to put UltraLift Day Cream to the ultimate test by signing up to and registering for a FREE 14 day sample kit which includes a generous UltraLift Day Cream almost of a full pot! and the first of its kind ‘Wrinkle Reader’.
After the 14 day trial, consumers are then asked back to and report their results and feedback to Garnier. After using the cream and measuring their wrinkles, 80% of 18,000 women tried the cream and saw visible results in their wrinkles. The real women/challengers appeared in the TV commercials,online films and print with
Davina McCall endorsing the cream. The sales went up 3 times in the first month of the campaign. Because the campaign was so successful in the UK and was adapted globally. The UltraLift Challenge was chosen as “Best Practice” amongst the entire L’oreal brands. That what success looked like for Ultra Lift.